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Recents jobs

• Certified translation from French into English of a project of summons for bailiffs. 
• Certified translations from French into English of official document for a Dutch private bank.   
• Non-certified translation from French into German of pleadings for a law firm located in Paris.  

a quick history lesson

In the Middle Ages, the Hanse (from the old German “hansen”, to join together) was the name of a powerful trade league. Created via a treaty signed in 1241 between the port cities of Hamburg and Lübeck to protect their trade from piracy in the Baltic Sea, the Hanseatic League was joined by a host of cities that joined together to form a vast international common market comprising more than eighty cities at the height of its prosperity and offering traders special privileges throughout Europe for more than four hundred years. Inspired by the Hanseatic League, Cabinet de la Hanse was created in 1970 with the aim of helping to improve international dialogue by offering professional translation and interpreting services.

Who we are Cabinet de la Hanse, translation agency

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LogoVJ2012 Journal du Village de la justice
A business management quarterly published by a law firm (IT, finance, documentation, office automation, services, human resources, etc).

Le Journal du Management Juridique
A review focussing on legal services for businesses and local authorities..,374

Villagenotaire Le Journal du Village des notaires
A magazine published by and for notaries. -

Le Journal des Bâtonniers
RA review distributed among provincial bars containing opinion columns and news published by the Conférence des Bâtonniers, to which all the bars in metropolitan France and French overseas territories belong.,376

The public sector contracts portal. -

The red areas on the map show the countries of origin of our translators.

GB  english
Allemagne  dutch
Espagne  spanish
Russie  russian
Italie  italian
Pays Bas  german
Portugal  portuguese
Catalogne  catalan
Usa  american
Danemark  danish
Norvege  norwegian
Finlande  finnish
Hongrie  hungarian
Suede  swedish
Estonie  estonian
Lituanie  lithuanian
Pologne  polish
Croatie  croatian
Turquie  turkish
Roumanie  romanian
Ukraine  ukrainian
Republique Tcheque  czech
Bulgarie  bulgarian
Serbie  serbian
Slovaquie  slovak
Slovenie  slovenian
Bioelorussie  belarusian
Arabe  arabic
Chine  chinese
Japon  japanese
Vietnam  vietnamese
Coree  korean
Inde  hindi/sanskrit
Thailande  thai
Israel  hebrew
Grece  greek

Service Perso Picto Personalised service
Cabinet de la Hanse offers you a tailored service with a single interlocutor.

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Respect Delais Picto

Meeting timescales
We can supply your translations within optimum timescales according to your requirements (up to ten pages per day by the same translator) and using the delivery method of your choise : e-mail, fax, post, express delivery, special messenger, etc.).

Picto Quality 

Professional translators and confidentiality
All our services are performed by experienced translators writing exclusively in their mother tongue. Our team is formed by one hundred and forty sworn translators, selected rigorously on the basis of their experience and all contractually bound by professional secrecy.

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